Residents, Fellows, and Program Directors are encouraged by members of the Office of Graduate Medical Education to work within their Departments to address and resolve any issues of concern to the resident / fellows, including concerns related to the work environment, faculty, fellow's, or the resident’s performance in the program.

The Ob/Gyn Residency Program strives to give objective consideration to resident concerns and to ensure fair resolution of resident problems through a formal problem resolution procedure. All complaints will be resolved in a confidential and protected manner. This procedure specifically excludes:

Grievance Procedures:

Step 1: If a resident / fellow has a grievance, he/she should first attempt to resolve the matter informally by consulting with the following people in the sequence as written: Chief Resident on Service, Administrative Chief Resident(s), Program Director, and/or Chairman. Due to sensitivity of some issues, the residents / fellows may by-pass certain members of the sequence and report directly to the person with whom he/she feels could more comfortably / suitably handle the issue.
Step 2: If the grievance cannot be solved at the Step 1 level and if the resident / fellow wishes to file a formal complaint, he/she should present his/her grievance in writing to the Program Director within 10 (ten) working days of the incident. The Program Director shall notify the resident in writing of his decision regarding the matter within 10 (ten) working days of receiving the written grievance, unless extended by the Program Director's and resident's mutual agreement.
Step 3: Should the resident / fellow not be satisfied with the Department's solution to the grievance, he/she may follow the procedures set forth in Section XI of the UASOM Graduate Medical Education Policies and Procedures (page 44).