Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Calculator
VBAC success calculator is based on the MFMU Network Cesarean Registry.  This can be used in clinic to estimate a patient's chance of successful trial of labor after cesarean.

NICHD Neonatal Research Network: Extremely Preterm Birth Outcome Data
This Web- based tool is designed to help better inform health care professionals and families about possible infant outcomes (EGA 22-25 wks) based on standardized assessment. The tool uses study data to calculate an infant's probability of health survival. These data are not intended to be predictive of individual infant outcomes. Instead, the data provide a range of possible outcomes based on specific characteristics.

Lister Hill Library
E-Journals, E-Books, PubMed and other resources can be found here.

Resources below identified by David Miner, MD, former ObGyn resident

  • NLM - The National Library of Medicine
  • Healthfinder - Government-sponsored patient health information gateway
  • Childbirth - One of the best of many pregnancy-oriented sites
  • MedlinePlus - Patient friendly medical topic database
  • WebMD - Patient medical topic database
  • Emedicine - Quick summary on medical topics
  • Prescription Desk - Patient-oriented pharmaceutical info
  • Pubmed - Topic-indexed journal database
  • OMIM -  Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man Genetic Disorders Database
  • MedlinePlus - Patient-friendly medical topic database
  • Merck Manual - Medical topic database
  • Medterms 
  • Primeanswers - Best online pharmacopeia - search Micromedex, Best calculator and rules site - search PrimeEvidence┬«Prediction rules, Multiple evidence links
  • OBGYN Net - Extensive links on OB/Gyn
  • NCBI -  Multiple tools and links for biomedical research
  • Clinical Trials - Patient information on trials and disorders. Research terms definitions for MDs
  • NIH - Research and grant links
  • CDC - Statistics and guidelines