The UAB Center for Palliative and Supportive Care is committed to lightening the burden of suffering for patients, as well as for their families, friends and  communities through collaborative research, clinical services, professional training, and outreach.
2013 AAHPM fellowsPictured here are some former, current, and future Fellows at the 2017 AAHPM Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ. From left to right (graduation year): Drs. Dominick Mastroianni (2011), Sam Perna (2008), Quintesia Grant (2016), Sarah Fulghum (2012), Cynthia Baker (2000), Elizabeth Kvale (2003), Elizabeth Carroll (2017), Jose Fernandez (2009), Carolyn Kezar (2018), Sandhya Mudumbi (2017), Laurel Kilpatrick (2012), Melanie Farrell (2013), Ashley Nichols (2011), Matt Rhinewalt (2016)

As part of the core values of the Center a primary focus is the education of the community and other health care professionals in order to increase knowledge concerning the purpose and scope of palliative care, through outreach programs, advocacy and professional training.

Training is available for nursing professionals, medical students, residents, fellows, practicing physicians and health care administrators.

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