The UAB Department of Radiology serves a pivotal and critical role in support of comprehensive patient care provided by the UAB Health System.  Over 81 highly trained radiologists in every sub-specialty field form the foundation of diagnostic and therapeutic services available to patients throughout the country.

Our radiologists and staff provide continuous support to an extensive inpatient and outpatient population, as well as support to the state's only ACS certified adult Level I trauma center. The department serves as a national leader, optimizing traditional and emerging technologies in the pursuit of optimal care of our patients. Please see additional details under "Facilities and Centers"

It is with great pleasure that I welcome Suzanne Lapi, PhD and Jonathan McConathy, MD, PhD to the UAB Department of Radiology. Dr. Lapi is the new Director of the Cyclotron Facility and Dr. McConathy has assumed the role of Division Director for Molecular Imaging and Therapeutics.  Read more>>