residents 2017
The educational mission of the UAB Department of Radiology Residency Program is to graduate well rounded, excellently trained radiologists who are capable of performing and interpreting a wide range of radiologic procedures and who embrace the challenge of continued life-long learning in Radiology.

Our vision is to be a premier academic radiology program that adheres to the following values: our patients' well-being is our primary concern; we maintain the highest ethical principles in daily practice, treating patients, trainees, and colleagues with the utmost respect; we seek to continually improve ourselves and our profession through advances in knowledge and clinical care; we are good stewards of the resources of the state of Alabama and UAB; and we lead by example with graded and progressive responsibility through residency.

Our teaching faculty provides progressive learning opportunities with graduated responsibilities in an environment of collegiality and camaraderie that lasts well beyond residency training. Residents are also afforded exploration in teaching, research, and leadership to complement their imaging science curriculum. As a department, we strive to provide outstanding clinical care through expertise in medical imaging and interpretation, through innovation and advances in imaging research, and through excellence in teaching and mentoring.

Desiree E. Morgan, M.D. is the Vice Chair of Education for the Department of Radiology.
Jessica G. Zarzour, M.D. is the Program Director for Diagnostic Radiology.
Rachel F. Oser, M.D. is the Program Director for Interventional Radiology.