The Division of Acute Care Surgery works closely with Neurosurgery, Orthopaedics, Otolaryngology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Plastic Surgery, and Urology. Together with the regional and statewide EMS program, the division provides a comprehensive multidisciplinary program of care for the severely injured multisystem trauma or burn victim. UAB Hospital has been verified as a Level I Trauma Center by the 1999 American College of Surgeons Standards and the State of Alabama and has become one of the major treatment centers in the southeastern U.S. for patients suffering traumatic injury.

The Division of Acute Care Surgery and the associated Center for Injury Sciences at UAB are actively engaged in clinical and laboratory research programs which focus on :

  • burn wound coverings and support techniques
  • mediators and mechanisms of the metabolic response to injury, organ system failure and host defense mechanisms
  • motor vehicle crash biomedical research
  • role of growth factors in wound healing
  • injury epidemiology
  • trauma system development

Division of Acute Care Surgery

Kerby jeffrey

Jeffrey D. Kerby, M.D.

Interests:  Trauma; surgical critical care, prehospital care, trauma outcomes research

UAB Trauma Carroll forweb
Shannon Carroll, M.D.

Interest: Trauma, surgical Critical care, burns

UAB Trauma Ellis forwebChandra V. Ellis, M.D

Interest: Trauma, pediatric trauma, hand, burns, research

UAB Trauma Reiff forwebDonald Reiff, M.D.

Interests: Trauma, critical care medicine

Loring Rue for web

Loring W. Rue, III, M.D.

Interests:  Trauma, surgical critical care, and trauma development

Strickland Virginia for web

Virginia Strickland, M.D. 

Interest: Trauma, Burns, Surgical Critical Care 

UAB Trauma Windham forwebSamuel T. Windham, III, M.D.

Interests: Computer modeling; prediction of injuries with critical care; trauma; burns; and surgical care

UAB Trauma Younan forweb 1  Duraid S. Younan, M.D.

Interests: Trauma, surgical critical care and surgical education

UAB Trauma Bosarge forweb

Patrick Bosarge, M.D. 

Interests: Trauma, surgical Critical Care.