Brain Waves

Brain Waves is a newsletter published twice* annually by The University of Alabama at Birmingham Traumatic Brain Injury Model System (UAB-TBIMS).

Brain Waves - Issue 12 (1) 2014
PDF with interactive features. Read Headline News, an article on UAB's Home-Based Cognitive Activity Guide and a summary of research into mild and major depression.

Brain Waves - Issue 11 (2) 2013
PDF with interactive features. Read Headline News, an article on Obamacare and people with disabilities, and returning to driving.

Brain Waves - Issue 11 (1), 2013
This issue features a new content layout with PDF interactive features. Read Headline News, an article on managing temper outbursts, and a spotlight on the new UAB-TBIMS research project.

Brain Waves (Issue 10, 2012)
The issue recaps in 5-year activities (2007-2012) of the UAB-TBIMS.

Brain Waves (Issue 9, 2011)
The issue features news on the recent passing of Alabama’s new Concussion Law. The goal of the new law is to reduce the incidence of head injuries and avoid the adverse, long-term consequences of concussions.

Brain Waves (Issue 8, 2010)
This issue answers questions related to traumatic brain injury caused by violence. What are risk factors for violent brain injury? What happens to the brain? What are treatment of brain injury caused by gunshot wounds and outcomes?

Brain Waves (Issue 7, 2009)
This issue discusses issues of driving following TBI, including driving evaluation.

Brain Waves (Issue 6, 2008)
In this issue, you can learn about the function of a TBI Model System. Also, you can find out how PT and OT services can benefit consumers following rehab.

Brain Waves (Issue 5, 2007)
Learn about job related issues and how rehabilitation services helps people with TBI return to work following injury.

Brain Waves (Issue 4, 2006)
The role of rehabilitation services in facilitation community re-integration.

Brain Waves (Issue 3, 2005)
In this issue, you can find an easy to understand discussion on TBI research.

Brain Waves (Issue 2, 2004)
This issue focuses on caregiver issues.

Brain Waves (Issue 1, 2003)
This first issue outlines the focus of future issues of Brain Waves.