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Get Ready for Some of America's Wildest Weather

nws weather safety spring thumbnailSpring has finally arrived and with it, spring storms. Alabama can have some of the more violent spring storms in the country. In fact, recent data from the National Weather Service (NWS) indicates that the region of the state served by the local NWS office is second behind a region in Mississippi for tornado warnings. That includes areas in the Midwest!

The key to staying safe is preparation. Know what your risk is and know what kind of action you need to take when a watch or warning is issued. The NWS has prepared an excellent resource for increasing your knowledge and tools to help you stay safe.
fast food menu 200x199In order to comply with requirements set forth by state and federal regulatory bodies and accrediting agencies and reduce the potential for occupational exposure to hazardous biological, radioactive, and chemical agents in the course of laboratory operations, please follow the following laboratory best practices:

No Eating in Labs Announcement
The National Weather Service in Birmingham has issued the following information for the Freezing Rain Advisory for Thursday, March 5.
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NWS Birmingham 2015 03 05 wintry precipitation

An Arctic cold front will bring the potential for freezing rain starting early Thursday morning in our northwestern areas. The freezing line will continue to shift southward through Thursday morning and early afternoon. The most significant areas impacted will be the northwestern counties where freezing temperatures are expected the longest.

NWS Birmingham 2015 03 05 temperatures
Precipitation stays as rain in the south, with timing of the freezing line sliding south in the left graphic. Temperatures will rise very slowly on Thursday. Timing of the above freezing line will slide north and is indicated in the right graphic. Areas in pink will remain below freezing the entire day.