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Course Name: Bloodborne Pathogens
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Beginning on January 3rd, 2017, the Initial Bloodborne Pathogen training course and the respective annual year training will be rolled into one course. This new course will become the required course for all UAB employees that work with and/or around bloodborne pathogens every year unless regulations change.

 flag redThe bloodborne pathogens training on this site is for students, staff, and faculty only. If you are a School of Nursing Student, please contact the School of Nursing to get the correct training location.

Who is Required to Take This Course?
This course is required for anyone that works with pyrophoric chemicals at UAB. This training applies to all laboratories – both clinical and research. You will receive credit for this course upon successful completing of the assessment. The ultimate goal of this training is to advise the campus community how to use, store, and dispose of pyrophoric/water reactive chemicals in a manner that will minimize risks to personnel, facilities, and/or environment.

This training is required every 2 years.

Who is Required to Take This Course?
This is an online course and is required for any Principal Investigator (PI) that will be applying for a Controlled Substance Use Authorization (CSUA) Number. Only PI’s are allowed to apply for a CSUA Number. This course will show you how to apply for a CSUA, how to maintain it, and the responsibility of everyone involved.

The Working Safely with Nanotechnology (OHS_HS240) course is now online.

This, and HS239: Nanotechnology Awareness, are both required for all personnel working in laboratories engaging in research that involves the manipulations of engineered (not naturally occurring) nanomaterials.