RS1003: Radiation Safety Initial Training Sessions

This course is intended for those laboratory workers who have not completed formal, basic training in radiation safety practices. Be advised that this course is administered in three parts.

The RS1003 Radiation Safety Initial Training Sessions is online and consists of four modules with a comprehensive quiz at the end of each module:
  • Module 1: Radiation Basics (Terminology), Quiz 1
  • Module 2: Radiation Calculations, Quiz 2
  • Module 3: Policies and Procedures (Specific to UAB and the State of Alabama), Quiz 3
  • Module 4: Ordering, Receiving, Transferring, and Disposal of Radioactive Materials at UAB, Quiz 4
The student will not be allowed to proceed to successive modules until a score of at least 80% is made on the quiz of the initial or preceding module.

Upon successful completion of the four modules, you may schedule your bioassay. Once your bioassay has been entered into the system, you may schedule the practicum class.

Once you have successfully completed the practicum, you will be finished with the course unless you are a License or Alternate License. For those who are Licenses or Alternates, you must complete the Radiation Safety License and Management course. This is taught live one-on-one at this time.

Remember you must complete the Radiation Safety Refresher every five years or if regulations change.


RS1004: Radiation Safety Waste Handling and Packing

The RS1004 Radiation Safety Waste Handling and Packing course goes into effect Monday, June 30, 2014. This course is for those who handle, pack, and manifest radioactive waste materials.

flag redOH&S Support Facility Staff will no longer pick up radioactive waste unless the person manifesting the waste:
  1. Has successfully completed the Radiation Safety Initial Training Sessions course or the Radiation Refresher course within the last 5 years.
  2. Has a baseline bioassay on file.
  3. Participated in the hands-on Radiation Safety Practicum.
  4. Is listed on the approved Radiation Safety License.
  5. Has successfully completed this course every 365 days so that the OH&S Support Facility will pick up the waste.


RS100: Licensure and Management Course

The Licensure & Management Course (L&M) is designed to give the prospective licensee information and documentation specific to Radioactive Material (RM) Licensure at UAB. Completion of the L&M course takes approximately 90 to 120 minutes and must be completed prior to receipt of the new RM license. This course can be scheduled as your calendar permits.

Walk-through: After the L&M Course the RSP representative can walk though the lab spaces together with the PI as to exchange feedback on best practices in lab set up.

For more information, or to schedule a class, contact Radiation Safety at 934-2487.

Below you will find reference material and job aids to assist you in working with radioisotopes. After completing the course, feel free to return here and print any of the material you find useful.

RSR2001: Radiation Safety Refresher Course Training

The Radiation Safety Refresher course is online and is required every five years.

If you work with radioisotopes as a part of your job, or are a Licensee or Alternate, you must complete this course and pass its quiz. A passing score of 80% or higher on the quiz is necessary in order to receive a certificate of completion. Retain the certificate in your lab file. You may be asked to present proof of training (certificate).