HSROC: Treatment Guide: Reception

Upon arrival at the Hazelrig-Salter Center, you will proceed to the Reception area, located on the first floor, convenient to the Valet Parking drop-off area. You will be greeted by our team of Patient Service Specialists who are eager to assist you and answer any preliminary questions you might have about your appointment.

On your initial visit, we will ask you to complete various forms. During each treatment visit, and as a part of our treatment safety program, you will be asked to present identification. During doctor visits, you may also be asked to make your co-payment for that day’s visit.

While awaiting your schedule appointment time, you are invited to relax in our comfortable, well-appointed reception area, and please also enjoy our park, located just outside the main entrance.

We ask that you bring to following items to each appointment:

  • Photo Identification
  • Insurance Card
  • Co-payment
  • Medications, in their original containers
  • Current medication record
  • Completed medical history form (first visit only)