HSROC: Treatment Guide: Radiation Treatment

Because we understand the feat and anxiety associated with radiation treatments, a member of our staff will walk you through the entire process your first day. From reception, you will be taken to the radiation treatment area where there are Menís and Womenís dressing rooms. Youíll be asked to change into a gown, which will be worn during each treatment.

When the radiation therapists are prepared to deliver your treatment, you will be escorted into the radiation suite and asked to lie on the treatment table. The marks placed during simulation will be used as a guide to position you properly. During the delivery of radiation, the therapist will be stationed at the control console, immediately outside the door, but will be able to see you and communicate with you.

Depending on your specific plan, the actual treatment time will be 5-20 minutes. Radiation treatments are typically delivered five days a week for a period of four to seven weeks; however, this can vary depending on your individual treatment regimen.

While undergoing treatment, you will see your radiation oncologist at least weekly and your radiation nurse will be available to you daily. During visits, your questions and concerns will be addressed and your pain will be assessed. If you experience any side effects from the radiation, it is extremely important that you alert your nurse immediately. No concern is too small, as our qualified team of professionals is eager to assist you through the entire radiation treatment process.

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