MD Resident Program: Physics Program

Our Physics teaching program starts when new residents arrive in the department. During the orientation lectures, the new residents are made familiar with Radiation Therapy machines and Radioisotopes. They are able to do simple dose calculations when they are on call. The regular lectures consist of basic and clinical Radiotherapy Physics including external beam and brachytherapy. Residents repeat the Physics course for another two years, and their training includes homework and tests. Each lecture series consists of about 55 one hour lectures. The aim of the program is not simply to prepare them for the board examination but also to teach them basic physics concepts applicable to radiation therapy treatments. The residents learn the physics that they’ll use daily and they will also better their interactions with the Physicists and Dosimetrists during the practice. Our residents have historically fared extremely well in the in-service and national board examinations. Most of them score more than 90 percentile and one has achieved the nation’s highest board score on the physics section of the exam. This program is considered by many to be among the very best in the nation.