Technology : Treatment Planning and Delivery : Real-Time Positioning (RPM) Gating System

The Varianģ Real-time Position Managementô (RPM) system is a non-invasive, video-based system that allows for clean imaging and treatment of lung, breast, and upper abdominal sites. The RPM system is accurate, easy to use, and fast. It is comfortable for the patient and accommodates both breath hold and free breathing protocols.

Varianís RPM Gating System uses video-based hardware and software that allows for improved targeting of critical structures during radiation delivery. Because a tumor on the lung will be moving as the lungs move with normal breathing patterns, this creates a moving target. This situation is also common in other parts of the body. To account for movement in a targeted area, a gating system is used. Gating improves the accuracy of the radiation being delivered to the target. It is used most commonly for treatments of the lung, breast, and upper abdominal sites.

RPM works by measuring the patientís breathing patterns (their gate), and then aligning their respiratory cycle to the tumorís position. Only when alignment is correct is the linear accelerator allowed to emit a beam of radiation.

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