Faculty Profiles: Michael C. Dobelbower MD, PhD

M. Chris Dobelbower, M.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Research Interests:



Nicky Harris
Phone (205) 934-5670
Email: nsharris@uabmc.edu

Physical Location:
Hazelrig-Salter Radiation Oncology Center
1700 6th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35249
Education and Postdoctoral Training:
  • B.S. The Ohio State University, 1990
  • M.S. The Ohio State University, 1993
  • Ph.D. The Ohio State University, 1997
  • M.D. Medical College of Ohio, 2002
  • Internship – St. Vincent’s and St. Charles hospitals, 2003
  • Residency – The University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2003-2007
  • ABR Certification, 2008

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Awards / Honors: