News and Events : First Holman Pathway Resident -
Dr. Alex Whitley

Dr. Alex Whitley, an M.D. resident at the UAB Department of Radiation Oncology, has become the first official Holman Pathway Resident at UAB-January 2011.

The ABR Holman Research Pathway, named for B. Leonard Holman, M.D., who first proposed this initiative, was created by the American Board of Radiology in an effort to address the shortage of physician investigators in diagnostic radiology and in radiation oncology.

The ABR Holman Research Pathway has been designed for individuals to simultaneously train in diagnostic radiology or radiation oncology and in basic science, clinical, or translational investigation.

Dr. Alex Whitley has demonstrated the characteristics of an exceptional trainee having strong clinical abilities and a background in and commitment to research.

Dr. Whitley will be pursuing research in the laboratory of Eddy S. Yang, M.D., Ph.D.; he will be studying a novel agent that could improve outcomes for head and neck cancer patients when combined with cetuximab and radiation, which is currently a standard therapy that was pioneered by Dr. Bonner. Additionally, he will attempt to find novel biomarkers that could be used as a read-out for cancer susceptibility to this therapy. This, in turn, would personalize head and neck cancer therapy for patients.

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