Histology Fees
HE from trimmed tissue in cassette    $11.33
HE from untrimmed fixed tissue    $14.27
Block (process & embed), trimmed tissue in cassette    $3.09
Block (process & embed), untrimmed fixed tissue    $6.03
Block & unstained section, trimmed tissue in cassette    $6.70
Block & unstained section, untrimmed fixed tissue    $9.63
Unstained section from existing block    $3.60
HE stain unstained section    $4.64
Duplicate HE (from block)    $8.24
Routine non-silver special stain, from block    $7.21
Routine special stain, unstained section    $3.60
Silver or complex special stain, from block    $10.30
Silver or complex special stain, unstained section    $6.70
Deparaffinize unstained section    $1.13
Counterstain    $1.03

Additional (added to above)                                              
Trim fixed tissue    $2.94
Demineralize fixed tissue    $1.80
2 sections/slide    $3.35
3 sections/slide    $6.95
4 sections/slide    $10.56
Custom processing/embedding/sectioning    Varies

Note: Additional charges for more than one section per slide are necessary to cover the labor cost of cutting and maneuvering additional sections onto a single slide when multiple sections cannot be picked up as a continuous portion of a single ribbon, for example, sections cut from different blocks, or sections that are too large for more than one section to fit on the slide. Multiple sections that can be picked up as a continuous portion of the same ribbon with no additional manipulation are charged as single sections.

Freeze/embed tissue (minimum)    $5.15
Frozen section    $5.15
2 sections/slide    $10.04
3 sections/slide    $15.19
Custom embedding/sectioning     Varies

Cassettes    $0.15
Labeled cassettes    $0.31
Label furnished cassettes    $0.15
Slide boxes, 5 slide    $1.02
Slide boxes, 25 slide    $7.21
Slide boxes, 100 slide    $10.30