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The UAB Comparative Pathology Laboratory (CPL) supports the Animal Resources Program (ARP) animal care and health surveillance programs, and assists UAB investigators in achieving their specialized animal research objectives.
CPL services are available to all UAB investigators according to standard fee schedules, and are described on the pages available from the top navigation bar.

The CPL has supported the animal care mission of the UAB Animal Resources Program and the animal research projects of UAB investigators since 1968. With a 10-year average annual output of almost 24,000 sections, research histology support constitutes one of the CPL's most important activities.


The CPL has modern equipment to perform all anatomic and clinical pathologic, microbiologic, parasitologic, and other procedures necessary to fulfill its mission, including a Mopec® downdraft necropsy table and grossing station, Sakura Tissue-Tek VIP® programmable tissue processor, ESPO slide printer, Pyramid cassette printer, Thermo Shandon Histo Centre 2® embedding station, rotary microtomes, General Data SS2030® programmable stainer, dual-view consulting microscope, Thermo Fisher HM525NX® cryostat, Abaxis VetScan® chemistry analyzer, and laminar flow biosafety cabinets.