• Do I have to have a BlazerID to do IRB training?

    The courses in the UAB Learning Management System (Healthstream) require a BlazerID. You can register for the CITI and NIH training courses without one. However, please use your BlazerID for your CITI email address and CITI username to help the OIRB identify you and assign your training credit properly.

    About Receiving E-Mail From the IRB

    If you are a UAB student or employee, the OIRB will always use your BlazerID as your e-mail address (i.e., YOURBlazerID@uab.edu).

    If you are not affiliated with UAB, the OIRB prefers to have an email address associated with your research work (e.g., @childresnal.org).

    Each student and employee configures his or her BlazerID alias to receive e-mail. To ensure yours is set up properly, follow these simple steps:

    Go to https://www.uab.edu/it/home/it-reports-and-publications/item/355-blazerid-central

    Sign in with your BlazerID and strong password

    Enter your "real, host-based e-mail address" (e.g., drjones@ccc.uab.edu, joesmith@yahoo.com) where indicated.

    If you do not know your host-based address, contact your IT specialist.

    Scroll down and click "Change!"

    Why is it important that I receive e-mail from the OIRB?

    You could miss vital information about your research.

    If you are not able to receive e-mail through your BlazerID alias, you will not receive courtesy reminders about continuing review of protocols, IRB training news, and other issues related to UAB's Human Research Protection Program.

    You can avoid having to update your address.

    If you change positions within the university, you can change your BlazerID alias to point to your new email account.

    Account? Alias? I'm confused!

    An e-mail "account" is attached to an e-mail host server, with storage space for incoming and outgoing email and other features. Examples at UAB include _____@path.uab.edu, _____@mail.ad.uab.edu, ______@peds.uab.edu, and many others.

    An e-mail "alias" is a shortcut to an e-mail account. At UAB, your BlazerID can be used as an alias with the format of YOURBlazerID@uab.edu. That alias automatically forwards e-mail messages to the account you have configured. For example, messages sent to the alias irb@uab.edu are forwarded to the account at irb@mail.ad.uab.edu.