NutritionSciences500x399The nutrition sciences educational programs include a nationally recognized dietetic internship program, a master of science in clinical nutrition, and a graduate studies program leading to a Ph.D in nutrition.

Other educational activities include:

  • a required nutrition courses for first-year medical students and third-year dental students;
  • clinical rotations for fourth-year medical students and residents; and
  • a two-year fellowship in clinical nutrition for M.D.s who have completed residency training or its equivalent in internal medicine or family medicine.

Nutrition sciences faculty members participate in a large number of multi-departmental research training grants.

Department training opportunities include:

  • the post-doctoral training grant in obesity research funded by the National Institute for Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases; and
  • a Cancer Prevention and Control Training Program funded by the National Cancer Institute that is open to pre-doctoral and post-doctoral trainees.