LVR Classroom 02Our talented faculty and graduates are continually developing tools to assist and improve clinical practice in low vision rehabilitation. We wanted to share some of these tools with vision rehabilitation professionals to help them provide optimal services to their clients.

The following resources may be freely downloaded and shared with others - we only ask that you adhere to the copyright acknowledgment described for each tool.

Self-Report Assessment of Functional Visual Performance

The SRAFVP is an ADL assessment that focuses on 38 vision-dependent ADL tasks.

The assessment was developed through a collaboration between the occupational therapy departments at the Eye Foundation, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Washington University and the University of Florida. UAB serves as the repository site for the form and the toolkit.

The assessment was developed with a grant from the American Occupational Therapy Foundation and is freely available to any professional who wishes to use the form and adhere to the copyright requirements.

The SRAFVP toolkit contains the following items:

  • A guide to using the form including how it was developed and its psychometric properties, copyright requirements, instructions for administering the form and calculating a Medicare g-code.
  • The SRAFVP form in four different formats
  • Spreadsheet version of the form that automatically calculates the number of relevant measures, the composite score, the percentage of disability and the initial g-code levels.

Please click here to download the SRAFVP toolkit.

Age Group Comparisons on the Dynavision

Our graduate students have collected data to establish norms on typical adult performance on the Dynavision for five age groups of typical males and females between the ages of 20 and 70 years. There are 25 males and 25 females in each age group.

Click here for a copy of the final table.

Good News!

We are currently collected dating on a revised version of the SRAFVP that will include items that are in everyday use in today’s world such as smartphones. We hope to have the revised form available in Fall 2016.

Please check back on the website or follow us on Facebook to learn the launch date for the new form.

Send questions regarding the toolkit to Mary Warren at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..