Zika virus is spread through infected mosquitoes as well as through blood or sexual contact with persons infected with Zika virus. Symptoms are frequently mild and include: fever, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis. A person pregnant with Zika virus may pass the infection to their fetus, potentially causing a serious birth defect. Men infected with Zika virus can spread it to sexual partners. The virus can be spread before symptoms start, when symptoms are present, and after symptoms resolve. Zika virus is present in semen longer than it is in blood.


The Student Health and Wellness Center, in partnership with Multicultural and Diversity Programs, Gender and Sexuality Diversity, UAB Title IX, Housing and Residence Life, The Division of Student Affairs and UAB Counselor Education Program, is excited to offer a 3-Track mini-conference, "Supporting Trans* Students." The Medical and Mental Health Tracks are designed to equip clinical providers with the knowledge and skills to provide top quality health and wellness care and services to our transgender students. The Student Services Track will bring together administrators and leaders in student services areas on campus to provide training about the needs of trans* students on campus and provide consultation to UAB areas to make steps toward greater inclusion and enhanced service-provision for trans* students.

News article: Student success focus of Alabama’s first conference on transgender students in higher ed

Who is Attending

  • UAB Student Health medical providers and staff
  • UAB Counseling Services mental health providers
  • UAB Student Services administrators and leaders


September 28-29


Trans* 101: September 28, 8-11 a.m., New Freshman Residence Hall (NFRH)
This session is for all training tracks

Breakout Sessions
  • Student Services Leaders: September 28, noon-2 p.m., NFRH
  • Mental Health: September 28-29, Student Health and Wellness Center
  • Medical: September 29, 8-11 a.m., Student Health and Wellness Center

Presenters: The University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Cabriel C. Javier, MA
  • Bonnie M. Benson, Ph.D.
  • Rebecca L. Byers, MD

Counseling Services are available for students impacted by the tragic events in Baltimore and the earthquake in Nepal.
The Centers for Disease Control is reporting a multi-state measles outbreak, with the initial cases in December 2014, now involving 17 states, including Georgia.  No cases have been reported in Alabama.