How do I schedule an appointment to see a counselor?

The process is simple. Call the Counseling Services office at (205) 934-5816. We are located in the Student Health & Wellness Center, 1714 9th Ave. South. We will ask for your name and contact information, and ask a few brief questions that will assist us in assigning you to a counselor. Once you have been assigned, we'll call you to schedule an appointment.

At times we might have a waiting list. If that is the case, we will inform you of this during the initial contact, and we will try to place you as soon as an opening becomes available. We will also offer you the names and numbers of other agencies that might be able to see you sooner.

We can also contact you by email, if you prefer, but we can not guarantee complete confidentiality of any communication made by email.

What if I am not home when you call?

If you are not available to answer our call, we would not leave a message with another person or with an answering machine asking you to call the Student Health and Wellness Center. This would be a breach of confidentiality. Instead, we will leave a message leaving a counselor's name to call back at 934-5816.

How much do your services cost?

Our services are free of charge to any currently enrolled UAB student. We are unable to provide counseling services for non-students; however, we will gladly refer to other agencies which are able to provide such services.

Aside from counseling services, how else can you help me?

Throughout the year, Counseling Services also provides opportunities to pursue enhanced wellness in a variety of other ways. We are continually designing programs to enhance the well-being of our students. In cooperation with UAB Schools of Public Health, Health Promotion, Nutrition, and others, we are attempting to design and implement educational events to demonstrate that healthy living can be both practical and enjoyable.