The UAB VIVA Student Insurance Plan is expanding its covered services and decreasing out-of-pocket costs while co-pays stay the same for the best available protection at a very competitive price.
The UAB VIVA Student Insurance Plan offers the best available protection at a very competitive price. The student plan — which includes preventive services and unlimited lifetime maximums for medical and prescription coverage — will continue to have a $250 deductible, and there will be no increase in copays for the coming year.

Overall, the new changes will extend services and lower costs:
  • The maximum out-of-pocket cost for covered services will be reduced to $2,000 per year from $10,000.
  • Exclusions or waiting periods for pre-existing conditions have been eliminated.
  • New benefits include pediatric dental and vision coverage for students 18 or younger.
  • Home health care coverage is added.
  • Coverage for mental health services will increase to 90 percent from 50 percent.
This coverage provides the best available level of insurance protection for UAB students at premium rates lower than lesser coverage available to students in Birmingham and the surrounding area. The Platinum Level benefits will cost $1,872 per year — $156 per month — an $8/month increase for a plan with far greater benefits.

The student insurance policy requires health insurance for all international students, undergraduate students in the Schools of Health Professions and Nursing, and most graduate and professional students. Students who do not have their own private coverage are required to purchase our plan, which is offered by VIVA Health. Students who have coverage and opt out of the UAB student plan must fill out a waiver. For more information about the mandatory insurance requirement, waivers, and a complete listing of programs covered by the mandatory requirement, visit the Mandatory Insurance/Waivers section of the Student Health website.

Students not covered by the mandatory coverage requirement can optionally enroll for the same coverage if they are undergraduates enrolled for at least nine credit hours or graduate students enrolled for at least five credit hours.
Student health insurance is provided on a semester basis with the fall coverage spanning Aug. 15-Dec. 31, 2014. Spring coverage will span Jan. 1-Aug. 14, 2015.

Fall coverage for medical, dental and optometry students is July 1-Dec. 31, 2014, and spring coverage will span Jan. 1-June 30, 2015.