All mandatory students are required to have major medical insurance. These students will automatically be billed for VIVA Health Student Insurance via their student accounts.
VIVA Health UAB Student Insurance information page

Students who already have their own personal insurance coverage have the option to waive the VIVA Student coverage. The student must sign a waiver stating that he/she has major medical insurance that is comparable or superior to the Viva plan. The major medical insurance coverage must meet the following minimum standards:

  • Physician and hospital coverage with providers in Alabama
  • Minimum of $500,000 lifetime maximum benefit
  • Transplant Coverage

Students will need to provide the insurance company name and policy number for verification. Students may sign the waiver online at the link below. (Students entering in the summer semester should check the box for the fall semester. All medical students should check the box for School of Medicine First Half.)

Please contact Candace Ragsdale (by e-mail or call 205-996-2589) with any questions or concerns.

Submit an Insurance Waiver

Mandatory Health Insurance Students**

  • International (non-resident alien) students
  • Undergraduate students in the School of Health Professions or School of Nursing
  • Graduate students enrolled in the School of Nursing (excluding NDM), School of Health Professions, School of Public Health, Accelerated Master in Nursing Pathway, or Joint Health Sciences
  • Graduate students with a major code of one of the following:
    • APMA: Applied Mathematics
    • BME: Biomedical Engineering
    • BY: Biology
    • CE: Civil Engineering
    • CEG: Computer Engineering
    • CH: Chemistry
    • CS: Computer & Information Sciences
    • EE: Electrical Engineering
    • FS: Forensic Science
    • INEG: Interdisciplinary Engineering
    • LVR: Low Vision Rehabilitation
    • MA: Mathematics (MA and APMA)
    • ME: Mechanical Engineering
    • MSOC: Medical Sociology
    • MTE: Materials Engineering
    • MTSC: Materials Science
    • PH: Physics
    • PY: Psychology
    • VS: Vision Science
  • Graduate students with a level code of PD (Postdoctoral Dentistry) or concentration code DIPT/DIFT (Dietetic Internship)
  • First Professional Students with a major code of MED, DENT, or OPT
  • Enrolled in the UAB PREP Scholars Program

*First Professional Students with a major code of MED, DENT, or OPT have a SHS fee for School Year 2012-13 that will end beginning fall 2013.

**Excludes students with the code NOAS ("Not on American Soil")