• Arts in medicine: UAB’s supplementary healthcare

    Attendees listen attentively to Helene Taylor’s presentation. (Photo by Angela Hallowell).Attendees listen attentively to Helene Taylor’s presentation. (Photo by Angela Hallowell).Pierce Newman - Staff Writer

    Can art be medicinal? On Nov. 9, UAB Hospital hosted a Lunch and Learn session covering its Arts in Medicine department to answer this question.

    This method of care uses arts such as music, painting, knitting, writing and storytelling as a means of treating patients. Some of these methods are meant to have direct health benefits and are part of the patients’ therapy, while others have the sole intent of allowing the staff member to connect with the patient.
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  • Brandon’s Music Column: Something for everybody

    Album art for Cool Uncle. (Photo from pitchfork.com)Album art for Cool Uncle. (Photo from pitchfork.com)Brandon Varner - Managing Editor

    These are two of my favorite records I’ve heard all year, if not my absolute favorites. If you’ve ignored literally every other column this year then this is the one you have to read.

    The album is called “Cool Uncle.” According to Pitchfork, this record began with a facebook message between the producer, Jack Splash, and Blue Eyed Soul titan Bobby Caldwell, who is probably best known for his magnum opus “What You Won’t Do for Love.”
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  • Opinion: Basketball is a source of pride at UAB

    The UAB basketball teams are a source of pride for the UAB family. (Illustration by Thomas Baldwin).Leonardo Carrubba - Sports Editor

    The men’s and women’s teams opened their seasons with road losses to in-state rival Auburn. It would be easy to let this deflate some of the Blazer pride that has been building since last March, but I think we have a lot to be proud of after this first weekend.
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  • To catch a dream: UAB’s American Indian Association dreamcatcher workshop

    Karen Cooper, tribe member, analyzing a dream catcher’s “story.” (Photo by Ian Keel).  Karen Cooper, tribe member, analyzing a dream catcher’s “story.” (Photo by Ian Keel). Myah Clinton - Staff Writer

    UAB’s American Indian Association hosted a dreamcatcher workshop on Thursday, Nov. 12.

    Before officially starting the dreamcatcher workshop, Karen Cooper, the guest speaker, told attendees the story of the origin of dreamcatchers. Cooper, a Cherokee tribe member of “mixed blood,” learned to make dreamcatchers from a group of elders.

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