• Blazergate: Documents released by 'someone with a conscience' spark calls for Watts' resignation

    Staff Reports

    protest fireRW CMYKStudents and community members are questioning Watts' power after release of new documents (Photo by Sarah Adkins).For many members of the UAB community, Spring Break was no time for relaxing. On the morning of Monday, March 23, Alabama Representative Jack Williams, R-Vestavia Hills, called for President Ray L. Watts M.D.’s immediate resignation from his position as UAB President. Williams says that confidential documents that were released to his office by “someone with a conscience” indicate that the decision to terminate the UAB football program was finalized months before the announcement on Dec. 2.
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  • Tips for a heartier horoscope

    Brandon Varner - Features Editor

    sky2 1552774iAccurate horoscopes account for each of the heavenly bodies (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).Whether you believe your horoscope affects your life or not, there is certainly a lot of entertainment value in studying the stars. Though there are many objects in our solar system that are not technically planets, astrology refers to them as planets in order to save time.
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  • Lacrosse: the fastest sport on two feet

    Moya Morgan - Sports Editor

    lacrosseThe teamed enjoyed a trip to Pensacola, Fla during their games (Photo courtesy of Justin Wahl).The UAB Lacrosse Club is hoping for their chance at recognition on campus. Both the women’s and the men’s teams are in the process of recruiting members and garnering the interest of fellow UAB students.
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  • UAB Street Style: Alanna Aaron

    Rhonda Reeves - Contributor

    Street Style RGBSenior political science/criminal justice major Alanna Aaron, 22, struts her high sense of fashion in the library (Photo by Rhonda Reeves).I walked into Sterne Library on a mission to find someone with a cute and eye-catching outfit. I noticed someone wearing a large, stunning hat sitting down near the computers and stopped in my tracks. Her whole outfit was unique and different. I loved it!
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