• UAB Street Style: Alanna Aaron

    Rhonda Reeves - Contributor

    Street Style RGBSenior political science/criminal justice major Alanna Aaron, 22, struts her high sense of fashion in the library (Photo by Rhonda Reeves).I walked into Sterne Library on a mission to find someone with a cute and eye-catching outfit. I noticed someone wearing a large, stunning hat sitting down near the computers and stopped in my tracks. Her whole outfit was unique and different. I loved it!
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  • Opinion: Ray Watts makes UAB great

    Teresa Davis - Staff Writer

    Screen Shot 2015 03 15 at 6.32.48 PMRay Watts thirsts for increased student involvement (Photo courtesy of Blaze Radio TV).People have been saying some unpleasant things about President Ray L. Watts M.D., but I would like to take a moment to tell you how great he is. Most students came to UAB only to get a degree and move on. I know that when I started classes in 2012, I did not really feel like a Blazer. That all changed back in December, and I have Watts to thank for it.
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  • Fitness: vitamins, animals, vegetables, minerals

    Shelby Morris - Staff Writer

    Multivitamin and ProteinMultivitamins may be one way to achieve wellness (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).Young adults are experiencing some of the most important years for their body. The body is still maturing at this time and as such it is very important to get the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. This can be especially difficult for college students who may not have the time to prepare difficult meals to get these nutrients. The vitamin and supplement industry is booming right now, but are they really good for your body?
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  • 14th-Seeded UAB Blazers upset No. 9 Iowa State 60-59

    UAB Sports Service

    basketballBlazers move to the next round of the NCAA tournament (Photo courtesy of UAB Sports Service). Robert Brown and Tyler Madison didn't blink when they heard the question following the No. 14 seed UAB's 60-59 stunner over No. 3 Iowa State in a NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament second round game at the KFC Yum! Arena on Thursday. "Do you consider this an upset?," they were asked.

    "If you look at seeding it is, but we came here to win," Brown said. "We're not surprised that we won. We came with a good scouting report, came prepared to win."
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