• Basketball games to watch for this season

    Alex Jones - BlazeRadio General Manager

    bballbballWelcome back to school Blazers! It’s time to set alarms and fight sleep in Sterne Library while writing papers and cramming for exams. Time to get phone numbers from classmates and then only text them for notes. When I’m not studying this year though, I will likely be at a Blazer basketball game. The men finished last season with 26 wins and only seven losses. This will be the first year for the team under the leadership of Head Coach Robert Ehsan after Jerod Haase left for Stanford. Although I will probably be in the crowd or in front of the television for every game, here are the games I’m most excited about this year:
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  • Non-smoking policy pushes support, not punishment

    Tessa Case - News Editor

    SmokeSmokeA new taskforce aims to offer support instead of punishment in order to uphold UAB’s non-smoking campus policy, which has been under fire recently due to its perceived failure to be enforced.

    In 2015, UAB updated its non-smoking policy to prohibit use of tobacco and smoking-related products, including vaping, within all buildings, facilities, vehicles and spaces that are owned, rented, leased or otherwise controlled by the university, according to official UAB policy. The policy appointed the vice president for Financial Affairs and Administration, Allen Bolton, as the party responsible for procedures to implement this policy, including to visitors. Provost Linda Lucas, Ph.D., is responsible for the implementation of this policy as it relates to students, student organizations and student facilities.
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  • Panhellenic sororities break bid record

    Tamara Imam - Managing Editor

    Bid Day 1Bid Day 1On Saturday, Aug. 28, almost 200 women ran across the Campus Green on Bid Day to join their new sorority sisters on the last day of a record-breaking fall recruitment week.

    Alinea Esensoy, who served as a recruitment counselor tasked with facilitating much of the selection process, said a record 192 women accepted bids to join one of the five Panhellenic sororities on campus: Alpha Gamma Delta, Delta Gamma, Alpha Xi Delta, Alpha Omicron Pi and Sigma Kappa. The largest number of bids previously given out was 151, according to Assistant Director of fraternity and sorority life Kristen Bowen.

    While women can also join sororities in the spring semester during a process known as “continuous open bidding,” fall Bid Day is the main event for sororities on campus when it comes to adding new members.
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  • UAB designates new starting point for trauma survivors

    Sarah Faulkner - Editor-in-Chief

    morgettemorgetteUAB has recently added a new outlet for students impacted by sexual assault, relationship violence – also known as domestic or dating violence – stalking and sexual harassment. Debbie Morgette, who serves as the assistant director of Student Advocacy, Rights and Conduct is now specializing in survivor services and campus based victim advocacy for UAB students. Providing dedicated, full-time support to survivors of trauma ensures that survivors can reach an advocate whose sole responsibility is to support their needs.

    What sets Morgette apart from other confidential resources is that she can thoroughly explain to students the student conduct and legal process, explain students’ Title IX rights, provide information about Protection from Abuse Orders and No Contact Orders. She can also coordinate Title IX accommodations for students such as extensions on class assignments, on campus housing changes, or providing police escorts.

    Confidential resources have always been available to students. Parties such as UAB counselors, medical providers and clergy are all confidential resources. This means they cannot share personally identifiable information about a student without their expressed permission.
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