• Options abound after graduation

    Alex Merrill - Social Media Editor
    Teresa Davis - Staff Writer

    Post Grad RGBDo something adventurous after graduation.Graduating from college can be a bittersweet time in  a student’s life. Although you have finally earned your degree, there is still this looming sense that you have not yet “arrived.” Despite what society might have you believe, there are many options besides going to graduate school or entering the workforce.

    Rural Life: Chicken Farming
    I live on what is known as a suburban mini-farm. It started as a combination of a way to save money and a desire to know where our food came from, and from there expanded into something my family just enjoys.
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  • Black Lives Matter: Why we still protest

    Moya Morgan – Sports Editor

    black lives matterBlack lives matter protest (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).The news reported that an African American male had been shot and killed in an act of police brutality. According to, Walter Scott was killed on Saturday morning by Michael Slager, a five year veteran of the North Charleston Police department after what initially began as a traffic stop.

    In the video that surfaced, it appears that Scott, unarmed, attempted to run away from Slager but to no avail.
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  • Personal branding: presenting your best self

    Alex Merrill – Social Media Editor 

    Resume Tips RGBThe Writing Resource Center in the library and the Career Services and Development Center would be great places to get resume tips (Photo by Alex Merrill).Let’s face it: writing a résumé can be the most daunting assignment of your entire college career. Not only are you expected to communicate everything you have learned and experienced, but you have to do it in a way that is meaningful and eye-catching. No matter where you are in your résumé writing process, here are a few tips for creating something that stands out.
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  • Engineering students to tackle White House’s 'Grand Challenges'

    Tamara Imam - Staff Writer

    engineering building uab news rgbThe Hoehn Building, home to the UAB School of Engineering, will be the home to students preparing to become “Grand Challenge Engineers” (Photo courtesy of UAB News).The School of Engineering joined 121 other engineering schools across the United States in committing to a White House initiative to educate engineering students to tackle the “Grand Challenges” of the 21st century. In a letter to President Barack Obama, written at the end of March, UAB effectively pledged to train at least 20 “Grand Challenge Engineers” per year.

    Upon graduation, these students will be specifically trained to tackle challenges highlighted by national and international expert entities including the White House Strategy for American Innovation, the National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges for Engineering and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.
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