• Sloss Fest Highlights (UAB@Sloss 2016)

  • Processing Our Pain in the Aftermath of the Recent Shootings

  • Review: Birmingham's second annual Sloss Fest

    2016 07 17 15.16.02Photo by Jared ChesnutJared Chesnut - BlazeRadio Operations Manager

    Day One

    Between iron casting, tributes to artists who’ve passed the torch and giant cat heads with stunner shades, there was a ton to take in and only so much time to do so. Here are a few highlights from Saturday’s offerings.
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  • Painting and Healing Meet at UAB’s PaintFest

    IMG 4311 1Bringing people together through art. Photo by Theodore RoweTheodore Rowe - Contributor

    On Thursday, July 14, as part of the Foundation for Hospital Art, Paintfest America gave cancer patients, cancer survivors and hospital staff the opportunity to paint on a range of canvases in the Northern Pavilion of UAB Hospital, home of the Comprehensive Cancer Center.

    Hospitals are never-ceasing currents of doctors, patients, cafeteria workers, information assistants, nurses, security guards and delivery drivers that are all shifting around one another in various roles, specializations and daily occurrences. Rarely does one think of the arts finding a place in such an intricate stream.
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