• Letter from the Editor: "Tensions rise during intramural games"

    Letter From the Editor ImageTuesday afternoon, the validity of the article, "Tensions rise during intramural games" specifically the word choice pertaining to an "all-out brawl," was questioned by constituents of the piece.

    In order to fully assess the validy of the story, I personally investigated the claims made by Sports Editor Moya Morgan. Following this investigation, Kscope supports Morgan’s depiction of the event that occurred during the Pi Kappa Phi and WreckIN Crew Brothers game last Monday night. Morgan was an eyewitness of the altercation and describes it as a “noisy quarrel.” Read more...  
  • Tensions rise during intramural basketball games

    Moya Morgan - Sports Editor

    intrIntramural Basketball (Photo courtesy of UAB Recreation Center)Tensions were high this week as intramural teams went head to head in the Men’s Fraternity, Men’s Recreational and the Men’s Competitive divisions of intramural basketball.

    Monday night, the Wreckin Crew Brothers faced off in a heated match against the men of Pi Kappa Phi. Coming off of their big win against the men of Lambda Chi last week, Pi Kappa Phi battled the Wreckin Crew Brothers in a game that resulted in a brawl. The scores for that game have not been released.
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  • Asbestos: Letter to the Editor and Response


    Letter to the editor image To the Editor:

    The Kaleidoscope did UAB students a disservice by leaving important information and context out of its article regarding the presence of asbestos in some buildings on campus. First and foremost, it is important that students, faculty, staff and guests know that UAB goes to great lengths with our Asbestos Safety Program to maintain safe working and living environments with our robust policies, procedures and training.
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  • Vaccinations are not optional

    Natasha Mehra - Staff Writer

    Vaccination 1361703983 98Vaccinations are always controversial topic in the public health field (Photo by Wikimedia Commons).Vaccinations are required for entering most public schools and universities.  Alabama’s law published on the National Vaccine Information Center’s website states that public schools require several vaccinations including measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis, polio and varicella vaccines. 
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