• Grad student raises awareness for rare disease: dermatomyositis

    Tamara Imam - Staff Writer

    Stephen Moore CMYKStephen Moore was diagnosed with Dermatomyositis in 2012 (Photo courtesy of Stephen Moore).When UAB graduate student Stephen Moore was diagnosed with dermatomyositis in 2012, he initially struggled to come to terms with his illness and what it might mean for his future. Now, Moore is taking it head on.

    Dermatomyositis is a rare inflammatory myopathy characterized by chronic muscle inflammation and weakness. According to UAB News, the disease affects about five of every million people. There is currently no cure for the illness.
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  • Rifle team goes out with a bang

    Moya Morgan - Sports Editor

    RIFLE Team CaptainRIFLE Team Captain Lindsey Hill (Photo courtesy of Saturday, the UAB Rifle Team will compete in their final match after 20 years at UAB. When the announcement was made that the UAB football, bowling and rifle teams were being eliminated following the 2014-2015 season, the ladies on the rifle team were devastated but had already prepared themselves for the worst.
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  • Magic City Music: Omari Jazz

    Brandon Varner - Features Editor

    Omari Jazz Omari Jazz (photo by Brandon Varner). In this second installment of the series, I sat down with Omari Jazz of Step Pepper Records to discuss his experiences.

    Kscope: When did you fall in love with music?

    Omari Jazz (OJ): My dad would always tell me that when I was in my mom's belly, they'd put me up to speakers at concerts, which is probably why I can't hear today. I was really into the drums in the beginning. My dad was a musician, so I would be in the back of clubs like CBGB's as a kid taking naps and things like that. I really sort of didn't know anything different. Read more...  
  • Snowpocalypse 2.0 rained out

    Casey Marley - News Editor

    WinterWonderham#WinterWonderham was only a couple of inches, but students still enjoyed the break (Photo courtesy of William Rushton).Feb. 24: students checked their phones after hearing the buzzing notifications from UAB's emergency alert system, B-Alert. The phone calls, text messages and emails notified students that classes and campus operations would be shut down due to Winter Storm Remus predictions, sitting a potential for "snow accumulations and potentially hazardous travel conditions" from the National Weather Service.
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