• DJ Swole's Summer Madness 6 Predictions: Part I

    Summer MadnessDJ Swole - BlazeRadio DJ

    Let me start this by saying that this is not a list of my favorite matchups. This is strictly a list of the battles I think will be on the card. Summer Madness 5 was a little disappointing. Not only for the fact that the event was late into September, but the battles weren’t great. Some of the battles were mediocre, and while the matchups were enticing, they weren’t Summer Madness enticing. Example, Big T vs Shotgun Suge would be like watching the Toronto Raptors play the Los Angeles Clippers. Is it a game I want to watch? Definitely. Would I want to watch them play each other in the NBA Finals? No. However, I think this card will be better than last year. If the matchups on the card are anything like SM4 or SM2 where at least three of the battles have immense replay value, then this card will be a success. With that being said, here is SM6, with six battles this year. I ranked the battles based on best matchups, and I will predict the winners of the card.

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  • Sloss Fest Highlights (UAB@Sloss 2016)

  • Processing Our Pain in the Aftermath of the Recent Shootings

  • Review: Birmingham's second annual Sloss Fest

    2016 07 17 15.16.02Photo by Jared ChesnutJared Chesnut - BlazeRadio Operations Manager

    Day One

    Between iron casting, tributes to artists who’ve passed the torch and giant cat heads with stunner shades, there was a ton to take in and only so much time to do so. Here are a few highlights from Saturday’s offerings.
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