The resume is a living document whose goal is to secure you an interview. Because it is a living document, the resume should change with every job application you submit.

Your resume should tell a story about who you are and what you have accomplished. The use of strong verbs and proven outcomes ensures that your resume accomplishes this goal.

And finally, a resume is nothing if it doesn’t use keywords. Most online resumes are scanned by a computer program before being seen by a hiring manager. These computer programs, called applicant tracking systems, are designed to discard any resumes and applications that don’t have keywords.

How Can the Office of Career & Professional Development Help You?

Our office offers 1-on-1 resume reviews where we will help you put your experiences into words. We will talk through how your accomplishments can be reflected on your resume. Bring a sample job posting with you to reach your maximum potential in this meeting.

Online resume reviews are available through HireABlazer.An online peer-to-peer review won’t help you tell your story or use the right keywords, that can only be accomplished by talking through your resume with a career advisor. An online review is a great start though for class assignments and other situations that are not specifically related to landing a big interview. This won’t help you with your story or your keywords that is only accomplished by talking through it but an online review is a great start for class assignments and other situations that are not specifically related to landing big interviews.

Points to Remember When Creating Your Resume:

Each section needs heading, but the headings depend on what you have done. Some of the more common headings used on resumes today are:

  • Professional Profile/Summary
  • Education
  • Experience
  • On-campus Leadership and Involvement
  • Honors and Awards
  • Volunteer/Community Service
  • Relevant Coursework and Class Projects