Disability Support Services handles each request for services individually, which ensures you’ll receive the accommodations that are appropriate for you. The list below does not include all the services and equipment available. If you have a specific accommodation request, please inform Disability Support Services.


Here are just a few examples of common services DSS can provide (not a comprehensive list):

  • Priority Registration;
  • Extended Time For Exams;
  • Sign Language Interpreters;
  • Books In Alternative Formats: Such As Braille, Books On Tape, And Large Print;
  • Tape Recording Of Lectures;
  • Note-Taking Assistance; And
  • Testing Environments With Reduced Distractions.
Accessible Computers

Even computers are more accessible. Features include the following:

  • Screen Reader Applications;
  • Screen Magnifier Applications;
  • Large Monitors;
  • Disabled-Accessible Workstations;
  • Ergonomic Keyboards;
  • Closed-Captioning;
  • Braille Translation Software; And
  • Voice-To-Text Software.