When the economy tanks, conspicuous consumers try hard to become smart shoppers. A host of blogs offer savings advice and tips on bargain bonanzas, but these outlets are primarily aimed at a single audience: homeowners with kids. “Some ardent couponers have entire basements and garages stockpiled with groceries,” says UAB junior business student Lauren Beauchamp. “I live in a small dorm room, so I can’t do that.” When she couldn’t find a blog written with the special needs of college students in mind, Beauchamp started her own. College Couponer advises shoppers with tight living quarters to focus their clipping energy on stocking up on the one or two products they use all the time. Another Beauchamp maxim: Learn the sales cycles that stores and coupon makers follow so you can anticipate when your favorite items will be available on the cheap. “Savings is truly a lifestyle,” she says. “I’m not happy unless I’ve saved more than I spent.” Read more at couponing4college.blogspot.com.

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