Q&A with Josh Larkins, 2011 master's graduate in computer forensics at UAB, now working at a major U.S. bank


What are you doing now? I work on the Abuse team at the bank. The group used to do a lot of phishing site takedowns, but they brought me on to develop more aggressive strategies to actually find the people responsible for creating those phishing sites in the first place.

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How will you do that? I really can’t reveal that information at this point.

Fair enough. How many other people at the bank are doing what you do? This is a new approach. I’m a member of a six-person team. And three of us went to UAB.

How did your experience at UAB prepare you for that job? For the last year I was at UAB I was the project manager for PhishIntel and helped develop several new features. Now that I’m at the bank, I use the site daily to help track down cybercriminals.

Did you always know you wanted to be a full-time cybercrimefighter? I was a math major as an undergraduate. As I got close to graduation I was looking at military options that really wouldn’t have used my training. I didn’t have a good plan. But then I heard about the master’s program at UAB and it clicked for me. I really had a great experience.


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