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The mission of the VSRC is to promote vision science research, facilitate collaborative projects, and add to the scientific knowledge of the eye and central visual and oculomotor pathways leading to improved diagnosis, treatment and prevention of blindness and visual impairment. Thus, the VSRC contributes to the University's mission of expanding scientific knowledge, training new investigators, and contributing to improved health care.

The VSRC has the specific goal of creating an internationally recognized center of excellence in vision science, which, by its research and related activities, will constitute a major resource for the generation of knowledge and the training of new vision scientists. The VSRC provides technical assistance in the development of new projects, equipment support, laboratory facilities, and management of shared services and instrumentation to UAB vision scientists. The VSRC sponsored Visiting Scholars Program brings internationally recognized vision scientists to the University. The Vision Research Seminars showcase UAB’s vision scientist’s and relevant other scientific activities on the UAB campus.


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