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Vision Research at UAB Seminars
Hosted by:  Dr. Steven Pittler

SPittler Steven Jay Pittler, PhD
Vision Sciences Research Center

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Office - (205) 934-6744

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VH 375B 
1530 Third Avenue South 
Birmingham, AL 35924-0019

Dear Vision Researchers,

The intent of the Vision Research at UAB Seminar Series that was introduced in May 2011 is to showcase vision research being done at UAB in the hopes of fostering collaborations and molding the Vision Science Research Center NEI-funded core facilities to best support Vision Research. As many of you know, the P30 grant that funds these facilities was submitted in September, 2014. The interactions that occur in the seminar series will help us to keep the facilities up to date to best support ongoing research activities.

Meetings are planned monthly, on the third Tuesday of each month and are held in Volker Hall Lecture Room D (unless announced otherwise).

Steven J. Pittler, PhD
Vision Science Research Center

Upcoming Seminars:

Tuesday June 27th 12:00 pm in VH Lecture Hall C 
“AMD discovery through validated multimodal clinical imaging - SDOCT and autofluorescence”
by Christine Curcio, Professor, Ophthalmology, Eminent Scholar in Retina, and director of the AMD Histopathology Lab, Scientific Director of the Alabama Eye Bank.

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Voice and video recordings of previously held seminars: 
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