The University Quality Enhancement Plan Advisory Council (QEPAC) provides cross-campus feedback on the progress of student learning in a team environment. The QEPAC has representation from all UAB academic, student government, faculty senate and some administrative units.

Charges of the QEPAC

  • advise of the office of the QEP on both short- and long-range plans
  • evaluate CTL-QEP Teaching Innovation awards and the UNIT awards programs
  • review progress towards major milestones
  • provide cross-campus feedback on the progress of student learning in a team environment

Representation & Meetings

The QEPAC will meet twice in each of the fall and spring semesters, and possibly once in the summer. A QEPAC Chair will be selected from the members and will serve for a one-year term. The QEPAC appointments are for three years, which will be until the QEP impact report and visit in 2020.

QEPAC Members

  • Brooke Becker (UAB Libraries)
  • Courtney Bentley (Education)
  • Dan Bullard (Joint Health Sciences)
  • Kellie Carter (Graduate School)
  • Rod Fullard (Optometry)
  • Laurel Hitchcock (CAS)
  • Lynn Holt (Health Professions)
  • Anthony Hood (Business)
  • Maria Hopkins (CAS)
  • Lisa Kerr (VMASC)
  • Jason Kirby (Engineering)
  • Rhonda McLain (Nursing)
  • Sam Moss (USGA)
  • Pam Paustian (eLearning and Professional Studies)
  • Scott Phillips (Center for Teaching and Learning)
  • Julie Preskitt (Public Health)
  • Lauren Rast (CAS)
  • Cheryl Robinson (Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee)
  • Scott Snyder (Center for Educational Accountability)
  • Garrett Stephens (GSG)
  • Cynthia Terry (Registrar)
  • Ken Tilashalski (Dentistry)
  • Diane Tucker (Honors College)
  • James Willig (Medicine)

Preceding the QEPAC, the QEP Steering Committee guided development of Learning in a Team Environment from November 2013 to January 2016.