What is the HEIghten®?

The Heighten® Exam is a test designed to measure knowledge and skills obtained by undergraduate college students. It includes material usually covered in the core curriculum or general education courses. This test is intended for use by colleges and universities in assessing the extent to which students are meeting the specified learning outcomes of their general education programs. This information is ultimately used to improve the quality of instruction and learning. 

Why should students try their best on this test?

By taking the HEIghten Exam, you enable UAB to get the data it needs to prove the effectiveness of your general education program — ensuring that you and future students earn the highest quality degree. It is designed to assess students’ skill levels in critical cross-disciplinary areas: Critical Thinking, Written Communication, and Quantitative Literacy. The HEIghten Exam is also used to evaluate, inform teaching and learning, and gauge program effectiveness. A student’s best effort will help faculty obtain more valid and reliable data for decision making. Remember you get $75 in BlazerBucks for completing the exam as a Junior or Senior.

How long is it?

The entire test will be approximately 2 hours and will consist of two 45 minute modules.

How is it scored?

Scores are based on the number of questions answered correctly. There is no penalty for guessing, so you should try to answer every question.

What does UAB do with the information?

Results of these tests are compared and used for the overall improvement of UAB’s core curriculum in adherence to accreditation standards.

When and Where is the test given?

Fall registration is now closed due to testing capacity being met.

Additional Questions: Email Jessamine Huffman at jessaminehuffman@uab.edu.