A La Carte: A Visual Exploration of Our Relationship with Food

September 8 - December 12, 2020
Virtual Public Preview: Tuesday, September 8, 6 - 7 pm


AEIVA’S A la carte exhibition will use the visual arts to present an expansive look at our culture’s complicated relationship with food. The exhibition will feature works from over 30 nationally and internationally renowned contemporary artists whose work utilizes food to explore relevant contemporary social and cultural issues. These works examine the role of food in advertising, popular culture, nutrition, activism, food disparities, globalization, sexuality, spirituality, worker’s rights, cultural identity, sustainability, and many other topics.

AEIVA will publish an exhibition catalogue featuring full-color reproductions of all works included in the exhibition, along with essays and information about each artist. AEIVA will also invite local/regional chefs to contribute recipes inspired by artworks from A la carte that will be featured in the accompanying book.

AEIVA will enhance the public impact of A la carte through a series of educational programs and initiatives. AEIVA will host a public discussion led by Dr. Beth Kitchin, Ph.D., RDN of UAB Nutrition Sciences. This discussion will dig deeper into our complex relationships with food through the perspectives and insights of artists and food industry professionals. AEIVA will also enlist the participation of several members of our local community to facilitate a series of film screenings, poetry readings, gallery talks, and discussions. These engagements will specifically focus on issues directly relevant to food issues in the greater Birmingham area, such as food deserts, race, cultural identity and public health. AEIVA will also utilize this exhibition to offer free public tours and academic engagements for UAB students and faculty.


  • Bob Adelman
  • Maarten Baas
  • John Baldessari
  • Rick Beck
  • Mike Bouchet
  • Jennifer Coates
  • Sue Coe
  • Chris Cunningham
  • Darryl Curran
  • Bruce Davidson
  • Patty B. Driscoll
  • Nicole Eisenman
  • Emily Eveleth
  • Skylar Fein
  • Frank Fleming
  • Roscoe Hall
  • Henry Hargreaves
  • Paul Kremer
  • Futoshi Miyagi
  • Jiha Moon
  • Andrew Moore
  • Celestia Morgan
  • Margaret Morrison
  • Vik Muniz
  • Christina Nicodema
  • Richard Olney
  • Charo Oquet
  • Sean Raspet
  • Robert Rauschenberg
  • Walter Robinson
  • David Sandlin
  • Cedric Smith
  • Lucy Sparrow
  • Robert von Sternberg
  • Wayne Thiebaud
  • Mose Tolliver
  • Andy Warhol
  • Meg Webster