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Shona McAndrew: Wednesday Night

January 18 - May 1, 2021
Inside the Arts LIVE Gallery Talk: February 16, 2021, 6 – 7 pm
RECAP// Virtual Gallery Talk


Does anything important happen on a Wednesday night in your home? What did you, or your girlfriend, daughter, spouse, or any female in your life do last Wednesday night? They more than likely spent time watching their favorite tv show uninterrupted by social obligations, plucked their eyebrows, shaved their legs, or laid around with their cat or dog. Wednesday Night is an installation by Philadelphia-based artist Shona McAndrew. Utilizing sculptures and paintings, Wednesday Night presents a representation of women not often experienced in visual art or popular media; moments of private, personal banality not intended to be viewed by strangers.

McAndrew’s multi-disciplined artistic practice draws on her personal experiences as a plus-size woman and her own struggles with society’s expectations of womanhood. The slightly-larger-than-life figures are modeled after the artist herself or her friends and are presented partially or fully nude – unembarrassed by their exposed bodies and carefree from the viewer’s gaze (even the female gaze). They challenge or even dare the viewer to acknowledge and accept the intrinsic beauty of every woman’s body.

Shona McAndrew holds an MFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design and a BA in Psychology and Painting from Brandeis University. Her solo exhibitions include shows at the Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA (2020); CHART, New York, NY (2019); and Spring/Break Art Show, New York, NY (2019). She has also exhibited in group shows at Stems Gallery, Brussels, BE; Mindy Solomon Gallery, Miami, FL; Allouche Benias Gallery, Athens, GR; and Museum of Sex, New York, NY.


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Face to Face

Face To Face Shona Mcandrew

AEIVA Face To Face Series ft. Shona McAndrew


Installation View Shona McAndrew

News about Shona McAndrew: Wednesday Night

Special thanks extended to the artist, Clara Ha and David Pagliarulo from Chart Gallery, and Gabrielle Lavin Suzenski, the Rochelle F. Levy Director from Moore College of Art and Design, for helping make this exhibition possible. Thank you to our UAB Visual and Performing Arts members and all supporters—without you this exhibition and programming would not be possible. Additional thanks to the Alabama State Council of the Arts for their generous support of this exhibition and programs.

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