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Leadership Laboratory is an integral part of the Air Force ROTC program. It provides an opportunity for students to apply classroom teachings to actual environments. Each course has an associated leadership laboratory. The laboratory meets for two hours each week during the term. Instruction is conducted within the framework of an organized cadet corps with a progression of experiences designed to develop leadership potential. Leadership Laboratory involves a study of the life and work of Air Force junior officers. Students develop their leadership potential in a practical, supervised laboratory, which typically includes field trips to Air Force installations throughout the United States. The first two years of Leadership Laboratory involve activities classified as initial leadership experiences. This includes studying Air Force customs, courtesies, drill, and ceremonies; giving military commands; instructing, correcting, and evaluating the preceding skills; studying the environment of an Air Force base; and learning about career opportunities available to commissioned officers. The last two years of Leadership Laboratory consist of activities classified as advanced leadership experiences. They involve planning, organizing, coordinating, directing, and controlling the military activities of the cadet corps; preparing and presenting briefings and other oral and written communications; and providing interviews, guidance, and information to increase the understanding, motivation, and performance of other cadets.