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General Military Course
The General Military Course consists of AFS 101, AFS 102, AFS 103, AFS 201, AFS 202, and AFS 203. These courses are open to all students regardless of qualifications for military service or intent to compete for commission. As part of the General Military Course, students examine the basic organization and structure of the Air Force, appreciate the historical significance of air power, apply basic communication skills, and receive an introduction to total quality management. Each course is one semester hour credit.

Additional Programs
ROTC cadets also compete for additional training programs such as FREEFALL (parachuting), SOAR (glider training), ASSIST (Officer Shadow Program), Nurse Orientation Program (NOP), Flight Nurse NOP, Survival Training, Overseas Base Orientation, Pentagon Shadow Program, and Engineering Orientation Program. These programs take place between the freshman-sophomore and junior-senior years. They allow cadets to see real-world Air Force officers operating on a daily basis and provide exposure to opportunities they might not otherwise receive.