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Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative Center for Community Outreach Development
What is AMSTI?

The Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative (AMSTI) supports improvement of math and science teaching in Alabama so all students in Grades K-12 can develop the knowledge and skills necessary for success in postsecondary studies and in the workforce. AMSTI-UAB and Alabama Science in Motion at UAB provide vital assistance for teachers to meet the Alabama College and Career Ready standards at all grade levels in their classrooms for their students.

Our mission is to empower teachers to implement the best-informed actions to improve student learning in math and science.

In 2006, AMSTI-UAB became the eleventh AMSTI site to begin servicing Alabama’s students in math and science under the Alabama Department of Education. With Principal Investigator Dr. Michael Wyss and founding director Karen Wood, the first Summer Institute was held in July 2007. During this first Summer Institute AMSTI-UAB trained approximately 300 teachers from 10 public schools in our in-service region, Region 5. Since this first Summer Institute AMSTI-UAB as continued to train and service area teachers every year. AMSTI-UAB’s education in-service region consists of 8 school districts; Bessemer City, Birmingham City, Fairfield City, Jefferson County, Leeds City, Midfield City, Tarrant City, and Trussville City.

Prior to AMSTI-UAB, Alabama Science in Motion (ASIM) the high school science component was already operating. ASIM began at UAB in 1994 in content areas of high school Chemistry and Physics. A biology specialty was added in 2007. ASIM provides high-tech laboratory experiences for high school science students and effective professional development for teachers. 

In 2012, AMSTI-UAB and ASIM-UAB officially joined forces and both programs thrived by offering grade specific professional development (training), support, and hands-on materials for Region 5 teachers as well as support for administrators.

AMSTI-UAB not only enhances math and science conceptual understanding as well as inquiry instruction for teachers but also creates strong connections with reading and writing for understanding. To accomplish this AMSTI provides teachers with the following:

• Grade and subject specific professional development

• Equipment and materials needed to teach math and science using hands-on, activity-based instruction

• In-classroom mentoring and coaching of teachers

For more information about AMSTI, please visit amsti.org.