uab in antarctica, in the year two thousand
WOW! Yes, that was the logo of our first UAB in Antarctica web site when it was first launched in 2000. It is also very much what the site looked like during our 2001 and 2004 expeditions.

Leaving Palmer is always bittersweet at best. You are leaving friends whom you have grown close too, in many cases over multiple seasons. Some of them you will see again at Palmer or elsewhere. Some perhaps never again.

moafinal1 But before these words address the title I have to say Finally – dive ops today!

Every Sunday morning on station Julie and I plus a few station folks gather around to make Thai porridge which we then eat while watching Bobs Burgers for Sunday Morning cartoons up in the Lounge.

The Antarctic Peninsula is one of the most rapidly warming regions of our planet. We know this in large part because daily air temperatures have been measured over the past sixty years just a few miles down the coast from Palmer Station at Vernadsky Station (currently a Ukrainian station and previously a British station called Faraday). These measurements indicate that average mid-winter air temperatures have climbed a degree centigrade per decade.