Why major or minor in African American Studies? Here are a few reasons:

  • Are you interested in learning more about continental and diasporic African and African American cultures and their history, literature, art, music, politics, economics, and religions?
  • Do you want to develop critical thinking and writing skills, have a better understanding and appreciation of contributions made by African Americans, and learn about the complexity of race and the African American experience?
  • Do you want to develop the ability to look at people, issues, and problems through multiple points of view?

Then the African American Studies Program is designed for you.

  • Do you want to major in an interdisciplinary subject that gives you an understanding of multiculturalism that will help you pursue graduate school and is valued by employers in industries such as education, government, and business?
  • Are you looking for a subject that integrates the humanities, arts, social sciences, and medical fields?
  • Are you looking for a program with multiracial and multicultural faculty and students?

AAS 200

  • AAS 200: Introduction to African American Studies can be used to satisfy an Area II Fine Arts Core Curriculum requirement.
  • The MCAT now includes a section on cultural competence. AAS 200 can be used to help pre-med students prepare for that section of the test.

Then the African American Studies Program is designed for you.

This is a rigorous interdisciplinary program that integrates the humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and health-related classes. A major in African American Studies leads to a Bachelor of Arts Degree. You can also chose to minor in African American Studies. Our students can work directly with a faculty mentor who will help you to develop a research project and present that project in a research forum. You can also be a part of the honors program.

The African American Studies Program at UAB is changing and growing. We are restructuring the curriculum, expanding course offerings, increasing internship placements, and increasing student enrollment. We have a vibrant and active student organization that will support and work with you. Come explore what we have to offer.SaveSaveSave