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Undergraduate Program in Bioinformatics College of Arts and Sciences | Heersink School of Medicine


The bioinformatics major is designed to help our students assist biomedical investigators and health professionals in analyzing large-scale datasets, including ones resulting from genome sequencing projects, gene expression studies, genome-wide association studies, and proteomic and metabolomic datasets. Thus, our graduates will be at the front line of the emerging disciplines of Biocomputing, Computational Biology, and Bioinformatics.

""Bioinformatics skills can be of use in both basic and applied research in academia, government, pharmaceutical, medical, or biotechnology sectors at various levels. Career opportunities may include:

  • bioinformatics analysts
  • bioinformatics application developers
  • bioinformatics software engineers
  • computational biologists and research specialists
  • data managers
  • data analysts
  • software engineers/developers

Students with a B.S. in Bioinformatics may also go on to graduate study in computer science, genetics, molecular biology, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, or related fields.