Accelerated Learning Opportunities

UAB offers several options for high-achieving undergraduates to accelerate the time and cost necessary to complete both their undergraduate and graduate degrees. These include Accelerated Bachelors/Masters Programs (ABM), Fast-Track programs, and Early Acceptance Programs.

  • Accelerated Bachelors/Masters Program

    The accelerated bachelors/masters (ABM) program allows undergraduate students to share credits toward both an undergraduate and graduate degree. Through ABM, an undergraduate student can take courses that count simultaneously toward their undergraduate and graduate programs. Once admitted, an ABM student can take up to 12 hours of approved 500/600-level graduate courses that will count towards both the undergraduate and graduate degree. This can significantly shorten the time it takes to earn a master’s degree. Upon completion, students enter the job market with increased earnings potential and set themselves apart as a candidate with high-level critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

    Current Programs

    Biology (Master of Science)
    Computer Science (Master of Science)

    Other programs are currently being developed.


    Students may start the ABM program once they have earned 60 or more undergraduate hours, at least 36 of which must be earned at UAB.

    ABM differs from traditional Fast-Track/5th-year programs in that, at the time of application, eligible students must have a UAB undergraduate grade point average of at least 3.5 (or higher if required by their program). Programs may require a higher GPA for admission and/or not permit the full 12 hours to be shared between programs.

    Permission to take graduate courses will be granted by the Graduate School if the student has met the criteria above as well as other minimum requirements for graduate admission. Upon admission to the Graduate School, an ABM student will begin a program of study leading to the master’s degree, as approved by his or her department and by the Graduate School.

    Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher in all graduate and undergraduate coursework. Programs may set higher requirements or require specific grades in individual courses.

    How to Apply

    Students who meet the above requirements are eligible to apply to an ABM program after completing the following steps:

    • Meet with Undergraduate Advisor and the relevant Graduate Program Director(s) to discuss program requirements.
    • Complete the ABM program Application Form (including all approvals) and return it to the Graduate School.
    • Submit departmental application materials (as required by program).
  • Fast-Track

    Fast-Track programs allow students to apply to a graduate program before finishing their undergraduate degree. While hours cannot be shared between the two programs, beginning graduate coursework while enrolled as an undergraduate allows students to pay undergraduate tuition rates and accelerate the time needed to complete their graduate degree.

    Not all undergraduate Financial Aid can be applied to graduate coursework. Contact Financial Aid to see how enrollment in a Fast-Track program may effect your aid eligibility

    Accounting (MAc) (accepts BS in Accounting students)
    Biology (MS) (accepts BS in Biology students)
    Biomedical Engineering (MSBME) (accepts BSBME in Biomedical Engineering students)
    Biotechnology (MS) (accepts BS in Biomedical Science students)
    Business Administration (MBA)
    (accepts STEM, Honors, and Psychology students)
    Civil Engineering (MSCE) (accepts BSCE in Civil Engineering students)
    Clinical Laboratory Sciences (MS) (accepts BS in Biomedical Science students)
    Computer Science (MS) (accepts BS in Computer Science students)
    Electrical and Computer Engineering (MSECE) (accepts BSEE in Electrical Engineering students)
    Health Informatics (MS) (accepts BS in Health Care Management students)
    Healthcare Quality & Safety (MS) (accepts BS in Health Care Management students)
    Materials Engineering (MSMtE) (accepts BSMtE in Materials Engineering students)
    Mathematics (MS) (accepts BS in Mathematics students)
    Mechanical Engineering (MSME) (accepts BSME in Mechanical Engineering students)
    Nuclear Medicine Technology (MS) (accepts BS in Biomedical Science students)
    Occupational Therapy (MS) (accepts BS in Health Care Management students) (not currently accepting students)
    Public Health (MPH) (accepts any undergraduate student)



    Requirements vary by program, but typically require at least 60 undergraduate hours and a 3.0 GPA.

    Additionally, individual programs may specify required pre-requisite courses, or only be available to certain undergraduate majors.

  • Early Acceptance Programs

    Early Acceptance Programs are designed for academically superior high-school students. Early Acceptance Programs allow high achieving students to be conditionally admitted into a graduate program at the same time they are admitted to an undergraduate program.

    Graduate Track

    Accounting (MAc)


    • 3.5 UAB Undergraduate GPA
    • AC 200/201: Principles of Accounting I & II
    • AC 300/310/430: Financial Accounting I, II, & III
    • AC 304: Accounting Information Systems
    • AC 401: Cost Accounting
    • AC 402: Income Taxation I
    • AC 423: External Auditing

    Biology (MS)


    • 3.5 UAB Undergraduate GPA
    • At least one term of BY 398 (or equivalent)
    • BY 123: Introductory Biology I
    • BY 124: Introductory Biology II
    • BY 210: Genetics or BY 330: Cell Biology
    • CH 115/116: General Chemistry I/Lab
    • CH 117/118: General Chemistry II/Lab
    • CH 235/236: Organic Chemistry I/Lab
    • CH 237/238: Organic Chemistry II/Lab

    Biomedical Engineering (MSBME)


    • 3.5 UAB Undergraduate GPA
    • Enrollment in BME or Science & Technology Honors program
    • at least three 300+ level BME courses

    Biotechnology (MS)


    • 3.5 UAB Undergraduate GPA
    • MA 105: Pre-Calculus Algebra
    • CH 115/116L: General Chemistry I + Lab
    • CH 117/118: General Chemistry II + Lab
    • BY 123: Introductory Biology
    • BY 210: Genetics

    Business Administration (MBA)


    • 3.5 UAB Undergraduate GPA

    Civil Engineering (MSCE)


    • All Concentrations:
      • 3.5 UAB Undergraduate GPA
    • Environmental Engineering Concentration:
      • CE 236: Environmental Engineering
      • CE 337: Hydraulics
      • CE 344: Civil Engineering Analysis I
      • CE 430: Water Supply/Drainage Design OR CE 480: Introduction to Water and Wasterwater Treatment
    • Structural Engineering Concentration:
      • CE 332: Soil Engineering
      • CE 344: Civil Engineering Analysis I
      • CE 360: Structural Analysis
      • CE 450: Structural Steel Design
      • CE 455: Reinforced Concrete Design
    • Construction Engineering Management Concentration:
      • CE 395: Engineering Economics
      • CE 497: Construction Engineering Management
    • Transportation Engineering Concentration:
      • CE 344: Civil Engineering Analysis I
      • CE 345: Transportation Engineering

    Criminal Justice (MSCJ)


    • 3.5 UAB Undergraduate GPA

    Electrical and Computer Engineering (MSECE)


    • 3.5 UAB Undergraduate GPA
    • EE 300: Engineering Problem Solving II
    • EE 314: Electrical Circuits
    • EE 316: Electrical Networks
    • EE 318: Signals and Systems
    • EE 333: Engineering Programming Using Objects
    • EE 337: Introduction to Microprocessors

    Engineering Management (MSEM)


    • All Concentrations:
      • 3.5 UAB Undergraduate GPA
    • Advanced Manufacturing Concentration:
      • 3.5 UAB Undergraduate GPA
      • MSE 280: Engineering Materials
      • MSE 281: Physical Materials

    Forensic Science (MSFS)


    • 3.5 UAB Undergraduate GPA
    • B.S. in Biology or Chemistry

    Health Physics (MS)


    • 3.5 UAB Undergraduate GPA
    • PH 201 & 202: Algebra based General Physics I & II
    • MA 125: With Calculus I OR PH 221 & 222: College Physics I & II

    Management Information Systems (MS)


    • 3.5 UAB Undergraduate GPA
    • BUS 350: Business Communications
    • IS 204: Introduction to Business Programing
    • IS 301: Introduction to Database Management Systems
    • IS 302: Business Data Communications
    • IS 303: Information Systems
    • IS 321: Systems Analysis

    Materials Engineering (MSMtE)


    • 3.5 UAB Undergraduate GPA
    • EGR 265: Math Tools for Engineering Problem Solving OR MA 227: Calculus III
    • MSE 280: Engineering Materials
    • MSE 281: Physical Materials I
    • MSE 380: Thermodynamics of Materials
    • MSE 381: Physical Materials II
    • MSE 382: Mechanical Behavior of Materials

    Mechanical Engineering (MSME)


    • 3.5 UAB Undergraduate GPA
    • ME 241: Thermodynamics I
    • ME 321: Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
    • ME 364: Linear Algebra and Numerical Methods
    • ME 371: Machine Design

    Multidisciplinary Biomedical Science (MS)


    • 3.5 UAB Undergraduate GPA
    • Introductory Biology I with Lab / BY 123
    • Introductory Biology II with Lab / BY 124
    • Organic Chemistry II with Lab / CH 237


    • BY 116: Introductory Human Physiology with Lab
    • BY 210: Genetics
    • BY 311: Molecular Genetics
    • BY 330: Cell Biology
    • CH 460: Fundamentals of Biochemistry with Lab

    Nuclear Medicine Technology (MS)


    • 3.5 UAB Undergraduate GPA
    • MA 106: Precalculus Trigonometry
    • CH 105-108 or CH 115-118: Introductory Chemistry I and II
    • BY 216 or NMT 320: Pathophysiology
    • BY 115 and BY 116: Human Anatomy and Physiology
    • MA 180: Statistics
    • PH 201 & PH 202 with labs: College Physics I and II
    • HCM 350: Medical Terminology
    • HCM 330: Health Care Systems*
    • CDS 425: First Aid/BLS Healthcare Provider CPR**

    *May be taken while in the NMT program
    ** May be taken during the first term of program

    Nursing (MSN)


    • 3.5 UAB Undergraduate GPA
    • Hold a BSN Degree from the UAB School of Nursing
    • Possess an unencumbered and unrestricted nursing license to practice in the state where you plan to conduct your clinical practicum
    • Applicants must be working and gaining experience within the population area of their chosen MSN application concentration.*
    • Complete the Early Acceptance MSN application by December 31st

    *Neonatal Nurse Practitioner concentration is not available as an Early Acceptance option due to strict experience requirements

    Public Administration (MPA)


    • 3.5 UAB Undergraduate GPA
    • PSC 101: Foundations of American Government


    • PSC 310: American Public Policy
    • PSC 323: Public Administration and Policy

    Public Health (MPH)

    Pre-requisites: 3.5 UAB Undergraduate GPA

    Professional Track

    Early Medical School Acceptance Program (EMSAP)

    EMSAP is an undergraduate and medical school educational program that provides highly qualified students an enriched undergraduate experience in preparation for medical, dental, or optometry school. EMSAP provides a path to medical/dental/optometry school that offers undergraduate students maximum flexibility in exploring the humanities, neurosciences, social sciences, or any other major.

    Doctor of Physical Therapy Early Acceptance Program (DPTEAP)

    UAB has an early acceptance program for academically superior high-school seniors, attracting them to UAB’s physical therapy program with guaranteed admission to the School of Health Professions after college.