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Our alumni have gone on to careers as curators of historical sites, such as Sloss Furnaces, Rickwood Field, and others. Many other students have moved on to careers in law, publishing, museums, and education at high schools and community colleges. We invite all of our alumni to remain in contact with the Department and our students.

We would like you to share your story with us, with our students, and the world. Do you want to become involved in the Department? We welcome your ideas and participation. Or perhaps you would like to know how to donate to the Department and help support the mission of the Department. You can contact us through email or phone, or tell us about what you've been doing through this website.

Alumni Spotlight

Joshua L. Baker - 2004

Joshua L. Baker - 2004

Joshua L. Baker is the Principal Owner and Managing Director of Baker Camp Arnold Capital Management, a full-service financial advisory firm in Hoover, Alabama.

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Learn more about how some of our alumni have used their degrees in their careers:

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