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Undergraduate Immunology Program College of Arts and Sciences | Heersink School of Medicine

researchAn important component of the UAB Undergraduate Immunology Program is that each student receives extensive research experience within an active immunology laboratory. UAB has world-class research laboratories committed to high-quality research — and sharing the excitement of scientific exploration with trainees is part of that commitment. Over 100 faculty at UAB conduct immunologically relevant research. This provides a wide range of opportunities for our students to gain hands-on experience.

The student research experience is designed to complement the program's immunology coursework. You will get the chance to experience a variety of professional environments across UAB that are representative of the work environments in medicine, the health professions, and biomedical research.

Our students will also work closely with a research mentor in a laboratory and have the option of preparing a senior honors thesis. This will provide you with an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in experimental design, data analysis, scientific writing, and oral presentation.

In addition to one-on-one interactions with professors at UAB, the research experience allows you to interact closely with research technicians, graduate students, and postdoctoral and medical fellows. This interaction can enhance your professional preparation for entrance into graduate, medical, or health professions programs.

Faculty Mentors

The opportunity to do independent research under the supervision of a faculty mentor is an integral component of the Undergraduate Immunology Program curriculum. Our majors participate in the design, performance, analysis, and dissemination of research under the mentor's guidance. The benefits of mentored research include:

  • a greater understanding of a research topic;
  • social, intellectual, and personal growth;
  • acquisition of useful skills for future endeavors; and
  • preparation for applying to graduate or professional schools.

Together with the faculty mentor, postdoctoral and graduate students assist in the instruction and supervision of our students.

You are responsible for making arrangements with the faculty mentor to define the research problem, determine the research schedule, and decide how many credit hours will be assigned during the semester.

You will find information about the work of faculty who are interested in mentoring undergraduate students in our faculty mentor directory. Current students are encouraged to contact the Undergraduate Immunology Program Directors for a list of mentors currently accepting students.