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  • 4 cutting-edge machines powering UAB discoveries
    With research awards breaking all-time records, we toured labs where high-tech tools are driving science forward.
  • This professor’s new startup aims to erase immune memories to stop Crohn’s disease
    Charles Elson, M.D., has developed an “antivaccine” that could remove the faulty memory cells that drive this autoimmune disorder. He launched ImmPrev Bio, Inc., in order to reach a first-in-human clinical trial.
  • Undergraduate programs in immunology and cancer biology offer innovative, one-of-a-kind degrees
    Undergraduate programs in immunology and cancer biology are offering students one-of-a-kind educational experiences.
  • Why do students choose immunology? New study answers questions on a crucial pipeline
    Researchers explore how to help budding scientists fall in love with a field that is incredibly important but can be “very overwhelming” to start.
  • I am Arts and Sciences: Kristine Farag
    Being the first to do something can be challenging—thankfully, when you have a mentor by your side, the experience can be enjoyable and empowering.
  • In one of America’s rare undergraduate immunology programs, students are ‘preparing for the next pandemic’
    Talking cutting-edge science and family questions with the first members of UAB's Undergraduate Immunology Program.
  • New Degrees in Computer Science, Digital Forensics, Immunology and Genetics and Genomics Sciences
    The College of Arts and Sciences is proud to offer new degrees in Computer Science, Digital Forensics, Immunology, and Genetics and Genomics Sciences.
  • Majoring in defense: UAB’s new Undergraduate Immunology Program
    Hear from students and faculty in UAB's Undergraduate Immunology Program

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